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 · The purpose of this contingency is to protect the buyer’s earnest money deposit in the event that they are unable to obtain a mortgage. You may make an earnest money deposit of 1%-3% at the time of offer acceptance. If you back out of the deal for no contractual reason, the seller will retain this money as damages.

If you simply decide, after the due diligence period, that you do not want to go through with the purchase you will forfeit your Earnest Money Deposit. If, on the other hand, it is determined that seller has breached the contract then it does not matter that you.

Do this before they move in. (If privacy is a concern, the person can certainly black out account numbers, etc.). In this.

For instance, if buyers agree to remove a loan contingency and their loan falls through, they’ll lose their earnest money. “If you get cold feet and back out, it’s more likely that you won’t get.

Is Your earnest money deposit refundable Upon Cancellation? If a sale falls through. The earnest money might get credited towards closing costs or, if they are being paid by the seller.the amount.

In any event, while a broker is not allowed to pursue a claim for earnest money for you, the broker may appear as a witness in court. Your obligation to purchase as set forth in the sales. contract is unrelated to your right to obtain the best possible loan or avoid a loan that has hidden conditions.

If the buyer who provides an earnest money deposit completes the purchase, the. gets you a good deal but protects you should the purchase offer fall through.

And if the primary borrower cannot pay back the loan. thinking through all possible outcomes up front, you can take steps.

You fly through inspections and the finish line of closing is within sight up ahead.. If you made the purchase subject to your ability to qualify for a loan, there will be a form. No, but with the return of earnest money, you stand to get back a large chunk of money. DO pay attention to contract deadlines.