Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage Review – However, in 2011 Wells Fargo exited the reverse mortgage business, stating that it no longer made business sense to continue with the product. Its exit coincided with those of Metlife and Bank of America, two other large players within the industry.

New Reverse Mortgage Rules – KELOLAND.com – New Reverse Mortgage Rules. A reverse mortgage is simply a line of credit using the equity in your home, with no payments due as long as you live there. The loan becomes due when the house is sold. "When I first did it, it was a loan of last resort; literally people had no money and that’s all they were doing.

Analyst Says Dodd Frank Will Cost Economy $900 Billion Over 10 Years – reverse mortgage lenders included, have been bearing the burden of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act since it was enacted in 2010. With the onset of the Consumer Financial.

New Rules Make It More Difficult to Get a Reverse Mortgage – New Rules Make It More Difficult to Get a Reverse Mortgage. February 2nd, 2015 . Free. click here and here. Last Modified: 02/02/2015. ADVERTISEMENT.

It Just Got Tougher to Get a Reverse Mortgage – A 65-year-old with a $250,000 home might be allowed to borrow $127,000 with a reverse mortgage, according to the Boston College Center for Retirement Research. Under the new rules (which sprang from a.

The New Reverse Mortgage: 2015 Edition: Scott A. Gordon. – The New Reverse Mortgage: 2015 Edition [Scott A. Gordon] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rules have changed, don’t buy a book on reverse mortgage published before 2014! This book covers the basics to advanced topics on reverse mortgage and retirement finance. Starting with the history of reverse mortgage up to current practices.

New Reverse Mortgage Purchase Guidelines: Easier to Buy a New. – Reverse mortgage purchase guidelines were recently eased, making it much easier to use this loan type to buy a newly constructed home. A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, more commonly known as a reverse mortgage for purchase or an HECM for Purchase (or even H4P) is a specific type of reverse mortgage loan that lets you buy a home using a reverse mortgage (instead of a traditional mortgage).